5 Ingredients That Will Help You Eat Healthy & Save You Money

22 Feb

1.  Sign up for a local vegetable box delivery

Fruit and vegetables are delivered every week, it saves you petrol by not having to go to the supermarket to stock up and you get something different every week which challenges you to root out a cookery book and try new recipes! And you are not tempted to impulse buy those biscuits! Boil, roast, slice, dice or simply munch,  fruit and vegetables are full of enzymes,vitamins and minerals we NEED to live a healthy life.  If your diet consists of coffee, sandwiches, take-aways and general crap.  You will feel sick, tired and unhealthy.  FACT.

2.  Stock up with Wholegrains

Fill up your pantry with oats,  brown rice, spelt, buckwheat, farro, quinoa ; these are nutrient-rich, protein-rich and full of fibre which keep you feeling full and give you lots energy.  Do these sound unfamiliar or are you unsure what to do with them – Bet you have cooked rice before.  It’s the same thing, add water, boil, simmer until cooked.

3. Top up with Tofu

Keep tofu in your fridge, it is generally long life and can be used as the protein source for many meals.  You can also freeze tofu which results in a different texture suitable for grating.

4. Nuts and Seeds

Keep a stack of cashews and almonds – cashews can be thrown easily into fast asian stirfrys and are fabulous with broccoli, munch on a handful of almonds when you have your 11am piece of fruit, it keeps your blood sugar regulated until lunchtime.  You can use cashews in so many ways – making mayonaise and luscious desserts for instance.   Omega rich plant sources like flaxseeds, hempseeds, walnuts etc should also be eaten – these seeds can be ground freshly and sprinkled ontop of your oatmeal each morning.

5.  Herbs and Spices

Anything can be made tasty with herbs and spices keep paprika, cumin, chilli flakes, black pepper, five spice powder in your pantry to add that extra dimension to your dishes.

Finally, if you scrub all your vegetables well before cooking, you can keep the peelings in a lunchbox in the fridge and make soup out of them, mash in a few leftover potatoes and add an extra carrot and onion and you have enough soup for a few lunches.


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