Dee’s Leek, Potato & Almond Soup

20 Mar

This weeks Organic Veg Box from Organic Republic, vegetable delivery service had lots of lovely leeks and potatoes in it.  Traditionally, this soup is made with lots of butter, cream and milk.  But you can make it just as creamy by using almonds.  Almonds also add a protein boost, so you will feel fuller.

Serves 4


Organic Leeks

Organic Potatoes ( I used organic sarpo mira potatoes grown by Philip Draper in Offaly)

2 sticks celery

100g ground almonds

seaweed ( I used nori sprinkles but any seaweed will do)

one low salt vegetable stock cube

2 bay leaves

sprinkle of nutmeg

white pepper


Slice the leeks, celery and potatoes and cook in a drop of olive oil for about 10 mins.

Add one vegetable stock cube and cover with water.  Add the ground almonds and bay leaves.  Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins.  Remove bay leaves and liquidize the soup, add seaweed and white pepper.  I add cayenne pepper to everything but a little smoked paprika might be nice too.  Enjoy : )


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