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Dee’s Easy Seedy Baked vegan Falafel – No Bean.

24 May ees-wholemeal-pitta-with-seedy-falafel-served-with-cabbage-salad-and-a-tahini-lemon-dressing.jpg

This is a take on a “RAW Falafel”  raw food is where food is dehydrated and all the enzymes and nutrients remain active.  I just used an oven set at a really low temperature for about an hour to crisp them up.  The wonderful thing about this recipe is it uses pumpkin seeds – so no more soaking dried beans or making mushy falafel with tinned beans.

This recipe is truly delicious.


150g Pumpkin Seeds

2 shallots (1/4 an onion will do)

2 garlic cloves

juice of one lemon

2 teaspoons of cumin

1 teaspoon of coriander

1 teaspoon of dill (i used dried dill)

1 teaspoon of oregano (i used 6 fresh leaves)

Fresh coriander (this is important 6 leaves will do)

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp salt and pepper

5 sundried tomato pieces in oil

5 olives (stones removed).

Method:  Put everything in a blender and blitz it!  Form into 8 little balls and “cook” at 100 degrees for an hour or so.

Serve in a pitta bread, with hummous and raw cabbage salad (I served my salad with a lemon and tahini dressing – lemon juice, tahini and olive oil – whisk with a fork.

Nutrition info :  This dish is a complete protein and you get all the essential amino acids your body needs.  One falafel approx 30g will give you 101 Kcal, 8 g of fat (good fats) and also It is also a good source of Protein 4g per ball, Vitamin K, Iron, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Magnesium and Manganese.  I ate two along with the salad which gives 97 calories per serving and 8 g fat (good fats – you can leave out the tahini and oil)  1 tablespoon of hummus was 25 calories with 1g fat and the pitta was 74 calories.  I ate two for my dinner  – total calories 398 .  It was super YUM too. 

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Dee’s Vegan No-Cook Quick Oat & Raspberry Breakfast Pots

22 May Dee's Quick Oat & Raspberry Breakfast Pots

You can use left-over glass yoghurt jars for this or you can just use a small glass.  This is a really fast breakfast recipe as it doesn’t require cooking and you can make it the night before.  Oats are really good for your health, they moisturize your skin from the inside out and help lower cholesterol in your body.



Frozen Berries


Frozen yoghurt/regular yoghurt/soy yoghurt

Method: – Make the night before.  Spoon about 27g or 3 dessert spoons of dried rolled oats into the bottom of the jar, add 1 teaspoon of water, add the frozen berries around 10 and top with the frozen yoghurt or any other regular yoghurt.  Keep it natural and unsweetened yoghurt.  (frozen berries melt into the oats)

This breakfast contains approx 150 calories per serving (soy yoghurt) and is a good source of dietary fibre (~4g)  vitamin C and manganese.  This dish contains approx 4.6g protein per serving.

TIP : To complete the protein in this dish eat some macadamia nuts and some apricots on the way to work.  A dish with a complete protein contains all the amino acids your body needs.  Macadamia nuts and apricots have a high ratio of Lysine: Methionine+Cystine.

Dee's Quick Oat & Raspberry Breakfast Pots

A no-cook breakfast – eat with macadamia and apricots on the way to work for a complete protein

The “New Vegetarian”

21 May

The New Vegetarian.

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s the word “Vegetarian” conjured up images of sandal wearing, lentil eating, long haired hippies.   Yes, the definition of Vegetarian is someone that does not eat meat, but flexitarian attitudes from mainstream consumers are becoming more and more popular with the hardened definition of a Vegetarian becoming softer.

In the last couple of years a new form of vegetarianism has emerged.  Since the recession people are more aware of the benefits of living a simpler, healthier life which demonstrates greater respect for the environment and local community.

The New Vegetarian will actively make an effort to eat more plants, to consciously choose a meat-free diet for improved health and environmental reasons.  They will not necessarily look to fill shopping carts with highly processed vegetarian junk food but are going back to nature and experimenting with more natural wholefoods like vegetables, tofu, pulses and  grains .  Most of the soy present in processed “fake meat” products is extracted with supercritical chemicals like hexane – a toxin.  Ingredient aware consumers are choosing natural and additive-free again and again.

The New Vegetarian cares about animal rights so much so that if they do choose to eat meat a couple of times a year, they will make an effort to make sure the meat is sustainably sourced, free-range/organic and from a local producer.  Yes, this goes against what a vegetarian lifestyle constitutes but their decision for eating mostly plants is for health and environmental reasons .  They recognise that the world does not need to eat so much meat, that current factory-scale production is not sustainable but also recognise that if they wish to support Pat the free-range/organic farmer down the road, they will do so as his animals are happy and well cared for.   Because most of their diet is plant-based they can afford to choose organic or free-range the few times they do indeed choose to eat meat.   The mindless act of filling your trolley with “cheap” chicken does not form part of the shopping mindset of the New Vegetarian.  Will the word “Vegetarian” soon become an all encompassing word for living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle.?  Will we all be vegan in fifty years time? Will meat revert back to being a ceremonial dish, eaten rarely if at all?  Look at the pictures of these happy animals I saw in West Clare last week.  If you do choose to eat meat, you should at least ensure the animals are happy and cared for.  Think about your choices.  It’s important.

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If you care about animals, you also must demonstrate respect and kindness to people whether they are vegan, vegetarian or whatever choices they make within their own lives.  Without judging, chastising or committing acts of vandalism which we have seen from extreme animal rights groups in the past.  The new vegetarian doesn’t believe in factory farms but does see a new way of promoting more humane methods of farming, by voting with their pockets and supermarket spending.   They recognise this is the real way to make a change bolstered by TV personalities using their profiles to highlight and build awareness of different causes.

By making conscious decisions about the food we purchase and the effect this food production has on the communities we live in, can only help to make the world cleaner and greener for future generations.  Can we reverse the tide of obesity that is drowning our children’s future.?   The only way is to lead by example and choose additive free along with more wholegrains, pulses,  fruit, vegetables, this is real vegetarian food and it is for everyone.

Try one thing a day – switch from white rice to brown rice.  Use kidney beans in a chilli,  in a tortilla wrap with side portion of vegetables and brown rice.  Substitute shredded cabbage for lettuce. Healthy, Fast and Filling. It’s easier than you think.

Dee’s Wholefoods is proudly sponsoring National Vegetarian Week in Ireland from the 4th June to the 11th June.  “Real Vegetarian Food is not just for Veggies, it is for everyone, come and join us“

Dee’s Fat-Free Super Speedy Vegetable Soup

1 May

It is cold and wet outside, even though it is the beginning of Summer?!  A pot of soup comes in handy on days like this, you can leave it on your stove and reheat it when you feel like a nourishing, warming bowl.

This recipe uses leftover veg, those scraggly bits of celery that have seen better days, a limptastic carrot, and a stray onion.  We all have these ingredients rattling around our fridges from time to time! The quantities don’t really matter, use whatever is in the fridge.  What makes this soup Super Speedy is that you can chuck in a bag of frozen Mediterranean vegetables – available from most supermarkets.  While the texture of these is not great for eating from a plate – they work perfectly in a soup blend.  Courgettes, peppers, aubergines etc.


A few carrots

A couple of celery sticks

One onion

One pack of frozen mediterranean vegetables

One and a half stock cubes (any kind you have)

One kettle of boiling water.

Half a tin of tomatoes ( I had in the fridge – but a tablespoon of tomato puree will work also)

Italian dried herbs


Chop the carrots, onions and celery – they can be quite chunky and fry in a little oil if you wish (or soften in water for fat free).  Add in the bag of frozen vegetables, tomatoes and mix until they soften slightly.  Add in the stock cubes, herbs and throw in the kettle of boiling water.  Bring to boil and simmer for 20 mins.  Liquidise with a stick blender  Eat and enjoy!

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