Dee’s Fat-Free Super Speedy Vegetable Soup

1 May

It is cold and wet outside, even though it is the beginning of Summer?!  A pot of soup comes in handy on days like this, you can leave it on your stove and reheat it when you feel like a nourishing, warming bowl.

This recipe uses leftover veg, those scraggly bits of celery that have seen better days, a limptastic carrot, and a stray onion.  We all have these ingredients rattling around our fridges from time to time! The quantities don’t really matter, use whatever is in the fridge.  What makes this soup Super Speedy is that you can chuck in a bag of frozen Mediterranean vegetables – available from most supermarkets.  While the texture of these is not great for eating from a plate – they work perfectly in a soup blend.  Courgettes, peppers, aubergines etc.


A few carrots

A couple of celery sticks

One onion

One pack of frozen mediterranean vegetables

One and a half stock cubes (any kind you have)

One kettle of boiling water.

Half a tin of tomatoes ( I had in the fridge – but a tablespoon of tomato puree will work also)

Italian dried herbs


Chop the carrots, onions and celery – they can be quite chunky and fry in a little oil if you wish (or soften in water for fat free).  Add in the bag of frozen vegetables, tomatoes and mix until they soften slightly.  Add in the stock cubes, herbs and throw in the kettle of boiling water.  Bring to boil and simmer for 20 mins.  Liquidise with a stick blender  Eat and enjoy!

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