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Quinoa? …Quinwha? What is it?!

8 Oct Quinoa

1.     Quinoa pronounced Keen-Wah or Qui-No-Ah is a high protein grain which contains all 8 essential amino acids needed for tissue development

2.     Quinoa is technically a seed which comes originally from the Andes in South America.

3.    When you cook it like rice it becomes light and fluffy.

4.     It is super high in micro-nutrients like iron and potassium (which helps regulate blood pressure).

5.    It is a natural, gluten-free grain

6.    Nasa once declared quinoa the perfect food for astronauts undertaking extended space flights.

AND it can be grown in Irish climates Brown Envelope Seeds has the following to say

“Madeline McKeever of Brown Envelope Seeds sent us this grain, quinoa to trial and grow. It was a surprisingly easy and trouble free crop. Direct sown in drills in April, it grows up to 1.5m tall harvested in early September. Quinoa is a small and sacred food of the Inca people, also very nutritious, high in protein and essential amino acids. The grain contains bitter saponins (a chemical defence against birds), which needs to be washed out before use.”
We would love to hear from Irish farmers that have been trialling this crop.

We only use super-nutritious ingredients like Quinoa and are happy to say we are launching 3 new Quinoa Pots with Tesco next week.  Dee’s new Quinoa Pots will be layered in a convenient microwavable pot with the top layer consisting of tasty vegetables and a delicious sauce.  Tasty, filling and easy to prepare.   Healthy eating made easy for you!  Enjoy, Dee



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