Dee’s Organic Omega Burger with “Honey” Wholegrain Mustard , Smoked sundried tomatoes and spinach topped with garlic mushrooms on a toasted gluten free bread

28 Sep

dees omega burger

Inspiration: I recently discovered smoked sun dried tomatoes in the English market in Cork. I keep trying to finds excuses to eat them and cook with them. They are smoky, salty and sweet!.

Serves 2
You will need

1 pack of Dee’s Omega burgers
2-3 smoked sun dried tomatoes
Some spinach leaves
100g mushroom sliced
1 Clove of garlic
2 teaspoons oil/olive oil
Salt /pepper
4 slices of Gluten free bread

1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard
1-2 teaspoon of vegan mayo
1-2 teaspoon of “honey” agave”

Cook burger according to instructions on packet. (I baked mine with a little oil and salt, pepper and some dry herbs)
Heat a pan with oil , add mushroom. And cook on high heat until you get a nice brown colour add salt and pepper . Add garlic cook on low for 2 mins.
Make the sauce: add all the ingredients together
Toast the bread. Spread the wholegrain mustard sauce on the bread. Put smoked tomatoes on next, then the spinach, burger, mushroom and the other slice of bread. And dig in : ) Enjoy, Eoin

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