Vegan “Raw” Carmel Apples

26 Oct

Vegan “Raw” Carmel Apples

20 Medjool dates
6 tablespoon of raw almond butter (if you can’t find almond butter you can make your own by blending almonds in a coffee grinder/food processor)
6 tablespoon of maple syrup/raw agave nectar
Pinch of sea salt

6+ Apples
6 lollipop sticks

Put all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth.
When smooth roll or dip the apple in the Carmel and place in fridge to cool.

If you have a blender please follow these instructions:-

Same as above
But with the following
4 tablespoon of coconut oil melted
4-6 tablespoon of warm water
And blend (add a bit more oil or water if needed.

If you cant find Medjool dates I found mine in M&S. You can always used regular dates but just soak them over night. This will help when it come to blend them

If you can’t eat nuts. You can always replace the almond butter with 5-6 tablespoon if coconut oil.

You can also uses this to top off a vegan desserts/cake or make just slice apple and use it as a dip for a healthy snack.

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