Christmas cranberry sauce

2 Dec

Lots of you are looking for Christmas recipes.   This is an old recipe of mine for Cranberry Sauce that I have been using for years now.  It tastes like Christmas ! Hope you enjoy, Eoin

You will need

400g cranberries

3 whole star anise

1 orange

1 stick of cinnamon (1 teaspoon powered)

6 whole cloves

200g sugar

200g water or apple juice or orange juice


Zest the orange, cut in half and squeeze juice, keep one half, place cloves around the base of the orange (see pic). This just makes it easy to fish them out at the end it known as a “studded orange”

In a pot add juice/water, add zest, and the juice from the orange,  studded orange and cinnamon stick (broken) and cranberries. Bring to the boil and simmer, when they start popping add sugar and turn to low. Cook for 15 mins to get the full intensity of flavour.

Add more sugar if you like it sweeter or if you prefer it tart add less .

Can be made in advance and keeps well for 7-10 days


If you want to make this richer you can used a sweet red wine or port instead of water/ juice

You could also use half wine: half water/juice if you so wish.

Add chopped mint to this for a nice twist to confuse your taste buds. It’s different but pleasant and refreshing

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