Festive Sweet Potato and Garlic Gratin

10 Dec

Festive Sweet Potato and Garlic Gratin

You will need:-

1 large sweet potato
2-3 large white potatoes
5 cloves of garlic chopped
600ml of soya cream
2 teaspoons of fresh Thyme
1 Leek or onion finely diced
2 teaspoons of oil

In a frying pan heat the oil and add leeks or onion and cook until caramelised and soft. Reduce heat, add thyme, in a separate heat the  soya cream, bring to the boil then turn off the heat add garlic and leave to the side.

Peel and slice your potatoes as thinly as possible using a mandolin, food processor or a sharp knife.

Grease an oven dish with the vegan butter or oil and season with salt and pepper.
place sliced potatoes in  layers of sweet/regular  in the dish  and even spread the onion on each layer , pour over soya cream,  and cover with liquids at least 1/2 way up the dish.

Cover with a sheet of parchment and then cover in tin foil and bake for 40-60 mins or until potatoes are soft. Remove tinfoil and parchment and place back in to over to brown @180+

When done, cool a little and serve


Can be cooked ahead of time when needed put in the oven and brown.

For a lighter option you can use just regular soya milk in replacement of soya cream.
And when cooked remove the excess liquids and thicken with corn flour and pour over the potatoes and then brown on top.

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