Tempeh smoky fajitas with veggies .

3 Feb

Tempeh is one of my new favourite protein rich vegetarian foods. It can be found in Asian stores which often have good prices. It is a fermented soya bean cake/brick/block and is very versatile. It has a earthy, mushroomy taste and smell.
That fact that it is fermented makes the protein more digestible.

Tempah smoky fajitas with veggies .



1 block/cake of Tempeh about 300g
Wraps (gf)
1-2 tablespoon Coconut oil/ olive oil
300-500+ Stir fry Veggies
(Broccoli , pepper, red onion and mushroom baby courgettes)
2 garlic cloves chopped
1 packet fajita seasoning
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
Baby salad
Lime juice
Plain soya yogurt

Slice Tempeh in strips (see pic)
Slice vegetable in strips
Heat a pan with some oil add the tempeh in batches and brown on each side, add some fajitas season and a little paprika cook for one min more. Repeat this until you have used up the tempeh . Use as much or as little tempeh as you wish.

Heat a wok with some oil, cook the veggie in batches(hand full) until it browns a little, add some fajitas and paprika and the garlic cook for 1-2 more minutes . If the seasoning burns a little add a few tablespoons of water this will stop it from burning so fast and will make steam to cook the veggies a little also. Once cooked add some hot sauce if you wish .

Heat up the wraps in a large pan one at a time, lightly brown on each side or place in the oven to warm up.

Place your cooked tempeh in the middle of the wrap add veggies and salad and add some yogurt on too (unless you can find vegan sour cream ) and put some like juice over the wrap roll and enjoy

– Eoin



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