Vegan fruit and cream pancakes! Yum!

4 Mar

250g Flour
250lm (+/- 50ml) dairy free milk
20g sugar
50g melted vegan butter
1teaspoon of vanilla

Egg replace:
2 teaspoon of milled chia seeds
75g silken tofu


Soya cream
Lemon juice
Melted chocolate etc!

Place all you ingredients in a blender until smooths. Add more dairy free milk if it is too thick.

Heat a small/medium pan with some oil and add enough batter to the hot pat to cover the base. When the surface of the pancake looks almost dry flip over and cook until golden brown . Repeat until all the batter is used

Serve with
Lemon and sugar
Fruit and cream


To make chocolate add 25g cocoa to the batter

Blend a really ripe banana with the batter to give you a banana bread taste.

just keep it simple like vanilla

This freezes well Enjoy, Eoin

(Tip if you want a gluten-free pancake recipe check out Dee’s recipe from last year: )

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