Gluten Free Quinoa Cashew Milk Vegan Porridge

6 Jan

This is my new favourite breakfast. It’s creamy and light, yet perfectly satisfying. And the best part is you can top it with anything from fruit to seeds, to jam to peanut butter or spices! It came about after I was left with too much quinoa the other day after making dinner, so I thought I might have it for breakfast and this is how it turned out! – Eoin

You will need:
100g cooked quinoa
100ml cashew milk (or any dairy free milk)
1 tsp cinnamon
Sweeten to taste with: sugar, maple syrup etc.

Topping Suggestions (see pic )
Sliced banana
Chia seeds
Frozen raspberries
Almond butter
Strawberry jam

In a small pot, place your cooked quinoa and cashew milk or dairy free milk and bring to the boil. Then turn down to a low heat and cook until it starts to get thick, appx 5-6 minutes.

Watch that the end of the pot does not burn as it can do so very easily.

When it’s done to the thickness you like, add a sweeter of your choice to taste.

Then have fun adding an array of toppings.

Top Tip:
Get creative with your toppings, the list is endless.

If the end of the pot does burn a little, don’t be tempted to scrape the end. Instead just pour it off into a bowl and then soak the pot. The porridge should still be fine to eat.






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