Raw vegan chocolate almond butter hearts

14 Feb

Well, with valentines days coming up and every is a heart shape and there is not a lot of vegan option for gifts. So I want to make these. You could make them as a gift for your valentine or just to eat anytime you have craving for something sweet. Enjoy! Eoin 🙂

60g raw coco butter
60g raw coconut butter
30g raw cocoa powered
60g raw coconut sugar (grind)
60-100g almond or peanuts butter


Place all the above ingredients except the almond butter in a heatproof bowl over a pot of hot water at the lowest temperature. And cook on low till all melted.
When melted put the melted chocolate in the heart shape till 1/3 way up add some almond butter and cover with chocolate to fill the place in freezer


If using coconut sugar place it in a coffee grinder and grind it to a powered first or else you the chocolate will be grainy.

If you don’t want it to have a coconut taste just use all coco butter

You can add orange zest , or lemon zest for a different









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