Rhubarb and Coconut Cream Mille Feuille

22 May

I picked up some local rhubarb at the Mahon farmers market recently, and I wanted to make a simple dessert over the weekend, using up bits and pieces I had in the kitchen.

Time: Prep 10 minutes/ Cooking 30 minutes

You will need:

Half a sheet of puff pastry

50-75g icing sugar

1 bunch of rhubarb

1/2 can of chilled coconut milk

1 orange, plus zest

75g sugar


Preheat oven 200c.

Wash and chop the rhubarb and place in a saucepan with the sugar and orange. Put a lid on and cook on a low temperature for 5-7 minutes.

You will need two baking pans and two sheets of parchment (silicone mats work better if you have them.)

Arrange the dish as follows:

Baking tray, parchment, puff pastry, icing sugar, parchment, baking tray.

Cook for 15-17 minutes.

Do keep an eye on it, as it can burn easily and really depends on the oven.

What this does is, it keeps the pastry thin and crispy while the icing sugar caramelises to give a sweet crispy crack in top, similar to a “crème brûlée”!

While it is cooking, open the can of chilled coconut milk, remove the “water part” and keep the solid white part. Take half of it and place in a cake mixer and beat for 3-5 minutes until light and fluffy like cream (you can sweeten if you wish.)

When the puff pastry is cooked and cooled, cut into strips.

Place one on the bottom, then add some coconut whipped cream and some orange stewed rhubarb and top with another piece of pastry. Dust with some extra icing sugar and enjoy !!! (See pics.)


Top Tip:

If the coconut milk solid is too thick you can add some vegan yoghurt to loosen it up and help get it started.

You can use any fruit that is in season, Gooseberries go so well with this too.


Blackberry , etc


One Response to “Rhubarb and Coconut Cream Mille Feuille”

  1. Larice May 22, 2015 at 1:01 pm #

    Mmm…I love rhubarb desserts, and this looks really yummy!

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