Review of Dee’s vegan range by MniuMniu Polish blog

12 Jun

As a part of Dee’s sponsorship of National Vegetarian week, we asked vegan and lifestyle bloggers to review Dee’s vegan range. One of the bloggers, Ilona a Polish blogger and author of MniuMniu vegan blog, created some delicious recipes using our burger range. She gave us an amazing review which we want to share with you in English.

Dee's vegan range

Ilona from Mniu Mniu was delighted that Dee’s range may be available in the future in Poland, as she feels the country is missing a broad range of healthy vegan foods such as Dee’s. She was also super impressed that Dee’s products don’t contain salt which means that they are ideal not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for health conscious people who want to avoid salt for the health reasons such as a high cholesterol levels.


Dee's vegan sausages

There are 6 aromatic sausages in a pack. The sausages contain Irish Dulse Seaweed, Pea protein and spices, because they do not contain gluten or soy they are quite soft, so their texture is different to an ordinary vegan sausage. High in protein, they are ideal for breakfast or dinner.  Due to the soft texture it’s best to fry, grill or bake the sausages.


dee's omega burger

dee's vegan omega burger

There are 2 burgers in the pack made from organic ingredients; brown rice, carrots, broccoli, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and spices.  The wonderful ingredients have a delicate taste and you can really get the flavour of the vegetables. They are great with mustard sauce.


Dee's vegan Spicy Bean Burger

dee's vegan spicy burger

Made with organic ingredients: millet, adzuki beans, herbs and spices. Great with BBQ sauce and a bit of radish and fresh spinach.


dee's vegan Thai vegetable pot

An express nutritious meal, which needs only 4 minutes in a microwave and it’s ready to eat. Apart from quinoa, the pot contains; lentils, tomatoes, butternut squash, carrots, lime, onion, potatoes, red curry paste, galangal, tomato puree, spirit vinegar, garlic puree, lemongrass, sunflower oil and coriander leaf.
This was Ilona’s favourite among our 4 ranges and she really enjoyed it. She loved the different blend of vegetables and spices.  She can’t wait to pick up some Dee’s products when they become available in Poland as she feels there’s a big gap in delicious plant-based foods in the Polish market.


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