Toasted Hazelnut and Tomato Pesto Couscous with Dee’s Vegan Sausages and Pomegranate Seeds.

7 Jul

While over at a friend’s house the other night, I got roped in to making some couscous for them to bring to a housewarming party the next day. When I looked in the fridge, it was packed with goodies from a trip to a Farmers market and this was the delicious result.

You will need:
250g couscous
400-450mls vegetable stock
Salt / pepper
15 mls oil
1 packet of Dee’s sausages
200g runner beans, sliced
10 cherry tomatoes, halved
50g pomegranate seeds
25-30g wild rocket
Toasted sunflower seeds

For the pesto
200g of toasted hazelnuts
20g fresh basil
20g mint
4 cherry tomatoes
75- 100 mls oil
1-2 cloves of garlic

Season and cook sausages according to instruction on packet. I seasoned with a little salt and cooked in the pan with a little oil.

In a large bowl, place the couscous and season. Add the oil to the veg stock and pour over the couscous. Leave it to sit for 4-5 minutes (see packet for instructions, liquids ratio may vary from brand to brand).

Next, spread it out on a flat tray, which will allow it to cool quicker and not overcook,

While the couscous is cooling, make the pesto. In a blender, place the oil, garlic, half the hazelnuts, the basil and mint and then blend until smooth.

Add the tomatoes and blend for 1-2 seconds, then add the rest of the hazelnuts and use the pulse button until you have a chunky texture. Season if needed.

In a large bowl, mix the couscous, the tomatoes halves and runner beans with ½ the pesto. Once mixed then add rocket and pomegranates seeds and gently mix.

Cut up cooked sausages and gently fold into the mix. Again finish with some extra pomegranate seeds, a nice drizzle of the dressing and a scatter the sunflower seeds, then serve in a large bowl.

Great for a BBQ and is super filling. It will keep in the fridge for up to 3-4 days in an air tight container and while it’s best served warm, it’s pretty amazing cold too!

Enjoy, Eoin.



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