Slimming World Syn- Free Foods List 2015.

Dee’s delicious selected vegan foods are marked Syn-FREE on the Slimming World plan.

Dee’s creates Tasty, Vegan food that is Good for Your Body and the Planet. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, GMO-free and free of all artificial additives. Our sausages are only 50kcal per sausage, high in protein, free from sugar and salt– ideal for training plans and weight loss plans.

Dee’s make a range of VEGAN BURGERS, VEGAN SAUSAGES, VEG POTS and QUINOA POTS that are available in your local supermarket!

6 of 11 healthy and nutritious meals were marked SynFree in the database.

1. Dee’s Leek & Onion Vegan Sausages – 50 kcal per sausage and 7 g of protein. 0 syns! 

2.  Dee’s Traditional Vegan Sausage  – 50 kcal per sausage and 7g of protein- 0 syns!
Dees traditional vegan sausages
3.  Dee’s Spicy Bean Burger – 140kcal per burger and 6.2g of protein. 0 syns!
Dees spicy bean burger
4.  Dee’s Tex-Mex Veg Pot with Sweet Potato & Bean Chili- 280 kcal and 10.2 g of protein per 400g pot. 0 syns!
Dees tex mex veg pot
5.    Dee’s Quinoa Pot with Hot Mexican Peppers – 380 kcal and 14g of protein per 400g pot. 0 syns!
Dees Quinoa Pot Mexican
6.  Dee’s Quinoa Pot with Moroccan Spiced Vegetables – 380kcal and 13.2g of protein per 400g pot. 0 syns!
Dees Quinoa Pot Moroccan
You can find Dee’s in the fridge! You can find Dee’s range of vegan and gluten-free food in most Tesco stores in Ireland.  We are also stocked in selected SuperValu stores and Irish Health stores.
You can also find Dee’s in UK in Booths Supermarkets and online with Ocado. You can also find Dee’s delicious foods in 300 Holland & Barrett stores across UK.
Dee’s supply also to the UAE and supply Spinneys, Waitrose, Choitrams and Lulu Supermarkets. 
In September 2015, Dee’s entered 600 Jumbo stores in Nederland.
If you do not see our products in your local store, please go to the customer service desk and log a request to stock.
For more information and other tasty ranges that are also low in Syns visit Dee’s website:
Follow Dee’s on Social Media for more information on promotions, tastings, demos, events and much more!

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