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Hot chocolate with a Twist

2 Nov

You will need:

1 can of coconut milk (separate the fat from the milk leaving the coconut water)

2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2-3 table spoon of sugar/agave etc

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Cinnamon stick (optional) (break in two)


Prepare the tin of coconut milk as outlined below.  Heat coconut water, add vanilla and cinnamon stick.

Add cocoa and sugar to a small bowl then add a little hot coconut water to make a paste.

Whisk the cocoa paste back into the hot coconut water and cook on medium for a 2-3 mins.

Serve with an extra cinnamon stick and a generous blob of whipped coconut cream.



If you don’t have a cinnamon stick you can use 1 teaspoon cinnamon powdered.

You can also add mint or you can add one Christmas candy cane instead of cinnamon stick. To make it look nice and festive !

If you want a vegan whippped cream

You will need

1 can of coconut milk

Place in fridge and don’t shake it, let it stand so the water will separate from the cream. Over night should do

Turn the can upside down and open it and drain off the liquid,  keep the cream. Put the cream in a mixer and whisk until it become thicken, add sugar and vanilla if you so wish. Keep in fridge and before each use whisk.

If you can find canned coconut cream you won’t have to drain any-little liquid just whisk.!




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